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Billy Goats
Billy Goats are a group of major hills. Credit is given for each Billy Goat climbed during a club ride, and special recognition is given to those riders who are able to complete a certain number of different Billy Goats. Click the links for the Map to see the location.
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Bay Area Billy Goats (Total 15)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter
BohlmanBOH620104.1Saratoga: Start at Madronia Cemetery entrance, finish at end of road.Map 1989
Hwy 9 North Lower9NL49863.9Saratoga: Start at 6th St, finish at Redwood Gulch Rd.Map 01/2011Mark Pryor
Hwy 9 North Upper9NU511203.0Saratoga: Start at Redwood Gulch Rd, finish at Skyline BlvdMap 01/2011Mark Pryor
MontebelloMNB520305.3Cupertino: Start at Stevens Canyon Rd, finish at the gate.Map 1989
Mt Eden/PierceMEN46003.3Saratoga: Start at Hwy-9 on Pierce Rd, left on Mt Eden Rd, finish at Stevens Canyon Rd. Can be ridden either direction -- or -- Start Pierce at Saratoga-Sunnyvale, right on Quarry, around the two gates to Villa Oaks Ln, right onto Mt Eden; finish at Stevens Canyon.Map Alt-1 1989
On OrbitONO65400.8Saratoga: Start at Bohlman Rd, left onto Apollo Heights Ct, finish at end of road.Map 01/2012Don Axtell
Parker RanchPKR66091.8Saratoga: Start on Parker Ranch Rd at Prospect Rd, to Parker Ranch Ct summit, back to left on upper Parker Ranch connector to Prospect Rd, left onto Prospect Rd, straight onto Rolling Hills to end of road -- or -- Start on Comer Dr at Arroyo De Arguello, straight on Comer Ct, straight on Star Ridge Ct, straight on Parker Ranch Ct, left on Parker Ranch Rd, left on Prospect Rd, Straight onto Rolling Hills to end of road. Map Alt-1 01/2017Minh Nguyen
QuickertQUK69421.5Start at Bohlman Road, climb Norton, Kittredge, and Quickert roads to end at On Orbit.Map 1/1/2023Minh Nguyen
Redwood GulchRWG66501.5Saratoga: Start at Stevens Canyon Rd, finish at Hwy 9Map 1989
Regnart RoadRGN65501.6Cupertino: Start at Bubb Rd, finish at end of roadMap 01/2012Mark Pryor
SanbornSNB65801.4Saratoga: Start at Hwy 9, right into Sanborn County Park, finish at upper parking lot -- or -- Start at Hwy-9, continue to the end of the road -- or -- Start at Hwy-9, turn towards Walden West at 0.9 miles and continue to the hostelMap Alt-1 Alt-2 1989
Sarahills/Old OakSOO55741.9Saratoga: Start at Pierce Rd onto either Sarahills Dr or onto Old Oak Way, either one first. Ride each to its summit.Map Alt-1 01/2014Nick Shain
Skyline North 1SN1381010.4Saratoga: Start at Hwy 9, finish at Bear Creek Rd.Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline South 2SS2395013.6Saratoga: Start at Hwy 9, finish at Hwy 84.Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Stevens CanyonSTC35604.9Cupertino: Start at Montebello Rd, right at Mt Eden Rd to stay on Stevens Canyon Rd, finish at gate at end of roadMap 08/2009Jon Kaplan
Out of Area Billy Goats (Total 0)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter

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