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ACTC Statistics
Information from all club rides are collected and compiled by the club Statistician. The Stats year starts on January 1 and ends on December 31. This information is available in three different ways:

Summary Stats for Most Miles, Goats, etc.

Summaries contain many different lists that rank the Club riders for most Miles, most Billy Goats, most Grizzly Bears, most Mountain Goats, most Rides Led, as well as monthly Club Totals.

Detailed Stats for Every Rider

Individual detailed Stats contain a list of the rides that each rider has done during the year, as well as lists for his/her Billy Goats, Grizzly Bears, and Mountain Goats.

Billy Goat Tracker for Every Rider

Keep track of your goats you have done or have yet to do.

Compare Stats Graphically

The top 10 riders are compared against each other, in each of many categories: Most ride leader riders, most miles, most grizzly bears, most billy goats, most mountain goats. In addition, the top rider for each of the last 10 years can also be compared. This Compare option is also available for individual riders from the Detailed Stats option.

For questions and corrections concerning these Stats, or to request that your stats not be included on this site, contact the ACTC Statistician at .

Ride Pace Calculator is now available. You can enter miles, climbing, and speed for a ride and it will calculate your riding pace.

Annual Ride Awards

Ride Leader Patch Lead 5 rides
Ride Leader Certificate Lead 25 rides
Ride Leader Award Lead the most riders
Ride Leader Award Lead the most Grizzly Bear rides
Ride Leader Award Lead the most Billy Goat rides
Ride Leader Award Lead the most Mountain Goat rides
Grizzly Bear Patch Do 10 different Grizzly Bears
Grizzly Bear Certificate Do 25 different Grizzly Bears
Mountain Goat Patch Do 5 different or any 10 Mountain Goats
Mountain Goat Certificate Do 25 different or any 50 Mountain Goats
Billy Goat Patch Do 10 different Billy Goats
Billy Goat Certificate Do 50 different Billy Goats
Billy Goat Rider Award Do 100 different Billy Goats
Mileage Pins Awards for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ thousand miles on Club rides
Worn Out Saddle Ride the most miles of club rides
Broken Crank Do the most club rides

Summary and Detailed Stats for 1994 through 2000 have been archived. Please contact the ACTC Statistician at to request a copy.

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