ACTC Ride Participation Guidelines
‼️Read this before participating in a club ride.‼️

Visitors and guests are welcome to join our rides. First time riders are urged to pick easy rides to gain familiarity with our ride classification system. To aid in ride selection, rides are classified according to terrain and pace. Terrain is described in terms of local roads. Pace is the average speed of a ride. This means that at the end of your ride, your average speed should fall somewhere within the range shown on the classification system or lower depending on terrain or other factors. To obtain a pace average, one needs to be able to cruise at a higher pace, therefore, leaders will be going faster and/or slower than the posted pace during the ride. To determine your actual riding pace, please go to pace calculator. Contact the ride leader if you have any questions. All phone numbers are area code 408 unless noted.

Ride Participation Expectations
  1. All California Vehicle Code laws must be obeyed during a Club ride. Stop at stop signs, and allow faster traffic to pass.
  2. Helmets that conform to a CPSC approved standard are required on all club rides.
  3. Be ready to ride at the listed start time.
  4. All participants are required to sign the Ride Sign-In Sheet in person. This certifies each rider has read and understood the Club rules. The participant name needs to be “Printed” and provide an emergency contact number. A cell phone number is optional.
    1. Riders below age 18 may participate in rides if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. A medical release form is required for all minors.
    2. Guests/Non-Members must sign the Ride Sign-In Sheet at the bottom of the page under the liability release.
    3. If a member rider does not sign in, the Ride Leader is not required to provide stats credit.
  5. All ride participants should only attend rides where they feel comfortable riding at the listed pace. If they are unsure it is strongly suggested they contact the Ride Leader prior to joining the ride.
  6. If a rider has to leave the ride for any reason, the Ride Leader must be informed.
    1. If a participant on a ride leaves prior to the group start or rides faster than the listed pace and/or goes off the front, it is at the Ride Leaders discretion whether ride credit will be provided.
  7. Rain or intense heat cancels a ride unless otherwise stated in the ride description.
    1. A ride cancelled by weather may be rescheduled by the Ride Leader and will be a credited ride.
    2. If a rider is unsure whether a ride will be cancelled, contact the ride leader
  8. Bicycles and Class I and Class III (pedal-assist) e-bikes are welcome on ACTC rides.

Ultimately the Ride Leader makes the decision on what stats credit is provided to each participant. It is up to the Leader to turn in the stats for what is acceptable statistics for their posted rides.

Any issues related to stats should be sent to the Ride Leader and to the Ride Coordinator at