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ACTC Ride Statistics - Summary

There are 1881 Rides in the 2012 Database

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Lists of Rides

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Monthly Calendar-Individual ridesheets can be located here
Missing Rides 1 Contact the ride leader if you have questions
Canceled Rides255Contact the ride leader if you have questions

Lists of Riders

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Rides Led 178 leaders led 15,340 total riders
Ride Sweep 209 rides had a Sweep
Miles and Rides1160 riders did 557,376 total miles
Grizzly Bears 750 riders did 6,155 grizzly bears
Billy Goats 786 riders did 19,166 billy goats
Billy Goats Tracker Keep track of goats done and to do
Mountain Goats 82 riders did 505 mountain goats

Popular Stuff

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DetailsMost Popular
Grizzly Bears Coffee Roasting with 1022 riders
Billy Goats Shannon/Kennedy with 1057 riders
Mountain GoatsSt Josephs Hill Trails with 72 riders

Note: Information from all club rides is collected for every rider, including guests. But only ACTC members will have their stats shown. You must be a member to view your ride stats on these pages. You may join ACTC here. If a member does not want their stats listed, then there is an option to be shown as 'Member Rider'. Contact the Statistician.

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