Stats Entry - Frequently Asked Questions / Known Bugs

Send your questions to me at, and I will get to them ask quick as I can. This is a work in progress. Your comments will help to make this a better tool.
-Donny Axtell, ACTC Rides Statistician and website programmer,
last updated Feb 6, 2012

Q - What about Guest riders? - Instructions for using the "New Rider" checkbox
A - The stats entry program will automatically check to see if a rider is a member or a Guest/non-member. The names database contains all 1100+ members plus 400+ non-members who went on a ride last year.

Q - What about Leaders and Sweeps? - Instructions for entering or changing these
A - Every ride needs to have a leader-1. Leader-2 and Sweep are optional. Any of these must also be listed as a rider.

Q - How do I change a rider's miles or goat credits after I already entered and saved the ride sheet?
A - You can edit a ride sheet multiple times if needed. And (a bit quirky) editing a previously saved ride sheet works differently.

Q - How do I change a rider's miles or goat credits before I saved the ride sheet?
A - There are two ways to make changes.

Q - How do I remove a rider from the ride sheet?
A - There are two ways to remove a rider.

Q - How can I enter an Impromptu ride into the Stats Calendar?
A - This is easy, once you know how.

Q - What about Canceling a Ride? - Instructions for Canceling, and assigning a New Date
A - It is very easy to Cancel (or Un-Cancel) a ride.

Q - What is the difference between Canceling a Ride and Deleting a ride?
A - There is a difference.

Q - Why can't I choose Various?
A - "Various" is allowed for a grizzly bear or billy goat only for the listing of a ride where the actual bear or goat is uncertain at that time. But once the ride has been led, then a choice must be made to select one of the other existing bears or goats.

Q - After entering in one or more ride sheets, I checked my total miles, goats, etc, but they were not updated. What's up with that?
A - After this new tool is totally completed, then riders miles, goats, etc will be automatically updated after each ride sheet is saved. But because this is a work in progress, that ability is further down the list of things to do. More important is to ensure that the data going into the ride sheets is free of errors and (very, very, very important) does not corrupt the other ride sheet data that is already there. The statistician will run the data summary routines every once in awhile as more ride sheets are entered.

Q - Can I enter stats with my iPhone?
A - Not yet. But maybe some day. This would take a lot more programming, but it might work.

Q - Bug - Edit/Add page does not show up when using Firefox
A - Fixed 1/31/2012 - a multi-line comment was causing the problem. It should be working OK now.