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Detailed Stats for Dan Swanson for 2021

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
05/10/21  M&M Rollers Meet N Ride!      6LM    30           2            MNB,MEN
05/11/21  Lets Get Some Goats           4LM    30           4            OSS,SVT,SSN,WRS
05/19/21  Our Favorite Kids are Baaack  5LM    20           2            BLK,MNV
05/24/21  Lick the Tins                 6L     30           3            AZR,FOS,SKE
05/26/21  Our Favorite Kids are Baaack  6LM    19           4            BAD,HOL,JAO,TMG
05/31/21  Redwood Gulch Loop            6LM    26           3            MEN,STC,RWG
06/03/21  Lets Get Some Goats           5LM    36           4            HSR,AZR,FOS,OVL
06/07/21  Monday in the Mountains       6M     37           4            OSS,RWE,SSN,MTB
06/11/21  TGIF: Hicks and Shennedy      5LM    40           2            HKE,SKE
06/14/21  Lets have some fun!           5LM    40           2            MBB,MMR
06/30/21  Our Favorite Kids are Baaack  6LM    38           6            ABN,CHA,HEH,SAF,SCV,YBH
Totals:          11                           346     0    36        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

BillyGoats: 30 different, 36 total,  29197 feet of climbing
 2-AZR Aztec Ridge              2-FOS Foster                   2-MEN Mt Eden/Pierce          
 2-OSS Old Santa Cruz Hwy       2-SKE Shannon/Kennedy          2-SSN Stetson/Skyland         
 1-ABN Aborn                    1-BAD Barnard/Anderson Dam     1-BLK Black                   
 1-CHA Chaboya                  1-HSR Harwood/Santa Rosa       1-HEH Hellyer/Hassler         
 1-HKE Hicks East               1-MBB Mantelli/Blue Bell       1-MNB Montebello              
 1-MNV Montevina                1-MTB Mt Bache/Loma Prieta     1-MMR Mt Madonna/Redwood Retre
 1-OVL Overlook                 1-RWE Redwood Estates          1-RWG Redwood Gulch           
 1-SAF San Felipe               1-SCV Silver Creek Valley Rd   1-SVT Skyview Terrace         
 1-STC Stevens Canyon           1-TMG Thomas Grade             1-WRS Wrights Station         
 1-YBH Yerba Buena/Hassler      1-JAO Jackson Oaks             1-HOL Holiday Dr              

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