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Detailed Stats for Ken Emerson for 2021

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
02/04/21  East Bay Goats from Castro V  5LM    59           3            SGP,ETY,PIR
03/23/21  Tuesday Hill Climbs           6LM    37           6            SRR,SCT,MHL,QBE,CYT,MPL
03/30/21  Tuesday Hill Climbs           6LM    33           5            MEN,MNB,STC,RWG,SNB
04/10/21  Sunset Century 104M           5M     80           2            OSS,EKG
08/07/21  Mt. Hamilton Ride             5M     40           3            MHL,MHM,MHU
09/05/21  Lane's Santa-Cruz to Montere  3LM   108     Y     0            Monterey
Totals:           6                           357     1    19        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

Grizzly bears: 1 different, 1 total

BillyGoats: 18 different, 19 total,  20967 feet of climbing
 2-MHL Mt Hamilton/Lower        1-CYT Clayton                  1-ETY El Toyonal              
 1-EKG Eureka Canyon            1-MNB Montebello               1-MEN Mt Eden/Pierce          
 1-MHU Mt Hamilton/Upper        1-MPL Mt Pleasant              1-OSS Old Santa Cruz Hwy      
 1-PIR Pinehurst/Redwood        1-QBE Quimby East              1-RWG Redwood Gulch           
 1-SNB Sanborn                  1-SRR Sierra                   1-SGP Skyline/Grizzly Peak    
 1-STC Stevens Canyon           1-SCT Suncrest                 1-MHM Mt Hamilton/Middle      

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