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Detailed Stats for Betty DeLuco for 2018

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
01/06/18  M&M Rollers SaraTino Hills    6LM    60           6            PKR,RGN,MNB,STC,RWG,MEN
03/05/18  MMX Ride                      5LM    41           5            PML,ALT,ELT,MOT,MOR
03/30/18  Morgan Hill - Coyote Lk - Gi  4M     51           2            BPE,CNN
05/04/18  Lets Get Some Goats           5M     15           3            SCT,SRR,SWR
06/09/18  Giro d Bici Bike ride         3LM    45           2            BBF,LWS
06/30/18  Woodside to Portola Redwood   4LM    48           4            APE,PML,PMU,PTP
07/28/18  Our Favorite Kids             5M     52           4            MDR,PMU,PTP,APW
Totals:           7                           312     0    26        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

BillyGoats: 23 different, 26 total,  23114 feet of climbing
 2-PML Page Mill Lower          2-PMU Page Mill Upper          2-PTP Portola State Park      
 1-APE Alpine East              1-APW Alpine West              1-ALT Altamont                
 1-BBF Bailey/Buffalo Hill      1-CNN Canada Loop              1-ELT Elena/Taffe             
 1-LWS Llagas/Willow Springs    1-MOT Magdalena/Olive Tree     1-MNB Montebello              
 1-MDR Moody                    1-MOR Mora                     1-MEN Mt Eden/Pierce          
 1-RWG Redwood Gulch            1-RGN Regnart Road             1-SRR Sierra                  
 1-STC Stevens Canyon           1-SCT Suncrest                 1-SWR Sweigert                
 1-PKR Parker Ranch             1-BPE Bridle Path             

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