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Detailed Stats for Claudio Hunger for 2018

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
01/13/18  Giro d Bici Bike ride         3LM    45           2            BBF,LWS
01/20/18  Lunch in Corralitos           5M     49           3            OSS,HIW,EKG
01/27/18  Mt. Diablo & Morgan Territor  5M     71           3            MDS,MDT,MDN
02/03/18  Dogmeat GRRRT 51.0M           6M     44           3            MOR,M85,MEN
04/08/18  Tierra Bella Workers Ride     5LM    55           1            CNN
07/21/18  Riding the Eastside to Coyot  2LM    54     Y     0            Alameda Creek Trail
09/01/18  One Lunch in Corralitos       5M     55           3            OSS,A2C,EKG
Totals:           7                           373     1    15        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

Grizzly bears: 1 different, 1 total
 1-Alameda Creek Trail     

BillyGoats: 12 different, 14 total,  16977 feet of climbing
 2-EKG Eureka Canyon            2-OSS Old Santa Cruz Hwy       1-A2C Aptos to Corralitos     
 1-BBF Bailey/Buffalo Hill      1-CNN Canada Loop              1-HIW Highland Way            
 1-LWS Llagas/Willow Springs    1-MOR Mora                     1-MDN Mt Diablo North Gate    
 1-MDS Mt Diablo South Gate     1-MDT Mt Diablo Summit         1-MEN Mt Eden/Pierce          

Mountain Goats: 1 different, 1 total
 1-M85 Stevens Canyon Trails   

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