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Detailed Stats for Brandon Villarreal for 2017

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
02/20/17  Crankin for Caffeine - BLT    4M     41           2            SAF,MPL
02/22/17  Saratoga Backroads (BLT)      2LM    32           1            HSR
03/01/17  Wednesday Metcalf Mauler (BL  5M     34           1            MET
03/07/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     54           4            SJN,CRZ,CAE,FMP
03/08/17  Los Gatos Goats [BLT Ride]    6M     22           3            AZR,HSR,SKE
03/09/17  Lets Get Some Goats           5M     50           6            ABN,CHA,MPL,HGR,CYT,HEH
03/14/17  Our Favorite Kids             6M     31           3            BAD,TMG,HRC
03/15/17  Los Altos Hills               5LM    57           2            MOR,MDR
03/23/17  Lets Get Some Goats           5M     34           3            HKE,REY,HKT
03/27/17  Crankin With a Twist (BLT)    3M     30     Y     0            Field and Farm
03/29/17  Willow Springs Loop -BLT      3M     36           1            LWS
04/04/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     51           4            OLE,PCE,STG,TNC
10/06/17  Friday Adventure–San Franc  3M     70           1            POL
Totals:          13                           542     1    31        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

Grizzly bears: 1 different, 1 total
 1-Field and Farm          

BillyGoats: 29 different, 31 total,  27775 feet of climbing
 2-HSR Harwood/Santa Rosa       2-MPL Mt Pleasant              1-ABN Aborn                   
 1-AZR Aztec Ridge              1-BAD Barnard/Anderson Dam     1-CAE Carr/Anzar              
 1-CHA Chaboya                  1-CYT Clayton                  1-FMP Fremont Peak            
 1-HEH Hellyer/Hassler          1-HRC Henry Coe                1-HKE Hicks East              
 1-HKT Hicks Trio               1-HGR Higuera Rd               1-LWS Llagas/Willow Springs   
 1-MET Metcalf                  1-MDR Moody                    1-MOR Mora                    
 1-OLE Old La Honda East        1-PCE Pescadero                1-POL Polhemus Loop           
 1-REY Reynolds                 1-SAF San Felipe               1-SJN San Juan Grade          
 1-SKE Shannon/Kennedy          1-STG Stage                    1-TMG Thomas Grade            
 1-TNC Tunitas Creek            1-CRZ Crazy Horse             

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