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Detailed Stats for Robert Connors for 2017

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
04/20/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     46           4            MDR,PMU,PTP,APW
05/09/17  Lets Get Some Goats           4M     27           3            OSS,MTB,WRS
05/11/17  Lets Get Some Goats           4M     24           3            CYT,MHL,QBE
05/16/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     27           2            MNV,SDS
05/18/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     53           5            9NL,9NU,9SU,9SL,HBU
05/23/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     46           2            MTL,COR
05/30/17  Our Favorite Kids             6M     43           4            OSS,RWE,LCL,ZYN
06/08/17  Hill Hopping for Helado (Ice  4LM    47           2            MOR,MDR
06/29/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     67           3            MIN,DPE,MIU
08/17/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     51           3            MHU,KNC,MHL
09/01/17  Friday Adventure Ride (BLT)   3M     48     Y     0            Coffee Roasting
09/19/17  3l4Sonoma County Sojourn      3LM    44     Y     0            Overnighter
09/20/17  Backroads Through Tiny Towns  3LM    44     Y     0            Overnighter
09/21/17  King Ridge for the Billy Goa  4LM    55           2            KRR,HAU
10/17/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     42           4            FTE,EGL,EGM,EGU
10/19/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     34           2            HIW,EKG
10/24/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     52           4            SJN,CRZ,CAE,FMP
11/27/17  Our Favorite Kids             6M     24           2            QBE,QBW
12/05/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     42           3            MTB,HIW,EKG
12/12/17  Our Favorite Kids             5M     26           2            HKW,MUM
12/19/17  Lets Get Some Goats           5M     22           3            SCT,SRR,SWR
Totals:          21                           864     3    53        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

Grizzly bears: 2 different, 3 total
 2-Overnighter              1-Coffee Roasting         

BillyGoats: 46 different, 53 total,  68778 feet of climbing
 2-EKG Eureka Canyon            2-HIW Highland Way             2-MDR Moody                   
 2-MTB Mt Bache/Loma Prieta     2-MHL Mt Hamilton/Lower        2-OSS Old Santa Cruz Hwy      
 2-QBE Quimby East              1-APW Alpine West              1-CAE Carr/Anzar              
 1-CYT Clayton                  1-COR Conzelman                1-DPE Del Puerto Canyon       
 1-EGU Empire Grade Upper       1-FTE Felton-Empire            1-FMP Fremont Peak            
 1-HKW Hicks West               1-HBU Hwy 236 Upper            1-9NL Hwy 9 North Lower       
 1-9NU Hwy 9 North Upper        1-9SU Hwy 9 South Upper        1-KNC Kincaid                 
 1-KRR Kings Ridge              1-LCL Loch Lomond              1-9SL Hwy 9 South Lower       
 1-MIN Mines                    1-MNV Montevina                1-MOR Mora                    
 1-MHU Mt Hamilton/Upper        1-MTL Mt Tamalpais             1-MUM Mt Umunhum              
 1-PMU Page Mill Upper          1-PTP Portola State Park       1-QBW Quimby West             
 1-RWE Redwood Estates          1-SJN San Juan Grade           1-SRR Sierra                  
 1-SDS Soda Springs             1-SCT Suncrest                 1-SWR Sweigert                
 1-WRS Wrights Station          1-ZYN Zayante                  1-MIU Mines Upper             
 1-CRZ Crazy Horse              1-HAU Hauser Bridge            1-EGL Empire Grade Lower      
 1-EGM Empire Grade Middle     

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