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Detailed Stats for Mike Hammett for 2017

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
02/12/17  M&M Rollers Picnic at Ridge   5LM    35           2            MNB,RGN
03/11/17  Santa Clara - Old LaHonda Lo  5LM    52           1            OLE
03/19/17  Goat Roundup                  5M     30           5            MOT,MOR,ALT,ELT,PML
03/25/17  Lunch in Morgan Hill          5M     53           2            TMG,HRC
04/15/17  Lunch in Aromas               5M     53           4            FMP,SJN,CRZ,CAE
04/29/17  Mt Diablo, South and North    5M     50           3            MDS,MDT,MDN
Totals:           6                           273     0    17        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

BillyGoats: 17 different, 17 total,  21062 feet of climbing
 1-ALT Altamont                 1-CAE Carr/Anzar               1-ELT Elena/Taffe             
 1-FMP Fremont Peak             1-HRC Henry Coe                1-MOT Magdalena/Olive Tree    
 1-MNB Montebello               1-MOR Mora                     1-MDN Mt Diablo North Gate    
 1-MDS Mt Diablo South Gate     1-MDT Mt Diablo Summit         1-OLE Old La Honda East       
 1-PML Page Mill Lower          1-RGN Regnart Road             1-SJN San Juan Grade          
 1-TMG Thomas Grade             1-CRZ Crazy Horse             

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