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Canceled Rides for 2020

Date            Title                   Ride Leader        
01/09/20  Thursday Trek                 Stephanie Metz          
01/16/20  Thursday Trek                 Stephanie Metz          
01/18/20  Black Mountain AT 48.6M       Brian Chun              
01/21/20  Get Your Goat                 John Hughes             
02/16/20  Sierra to Vietnamese Pho Noo  Tony Le                 
03/07/20  Lexington Goats               Don Axtell              
03/07/20  Lunch in Davenport            Tom Mac                 
03/11/20  Roadster                      James Rustermier        
03/15/20  Sunday Social                 Stephanie Metz          
03/15/20  Mines and Del Puerto Cyn fro  Dzung Dang              
03/16/20  Joyride - Morgan Hill         Joy Owens               
Total of 11 rides canceled.

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