Thu, 22 Sep 2022 Grashopper Roll
9:00 AM 12 mi, 1 L
Grizzly Bear Autumnal Equinox

Welcome to Autunno! Inspired by a friend's nickname for me, we will start from Whole Foods Market (near Diridon station), and journey for spectacular sights. This ride is for those who do not wish to travel far or fast. Will this be your recovery ride or main event? As usual, if you bring your "sorrisi" (smiles) and "racconti" (stories), we will stop for "spuntini" (snacks). I can adjust my speed to accommodate slower riders. Please bring your liquids and tools for any unfortunate events, and check the e-list for any last minute updates. Berry West 669 237 7283 or

Berry West 669-237-7283

Please review the ACTC Covid-19 Ride Guidelines prior to riding.

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