Fri, 9 Sep 2022 Eastern Sierra Escape
8:30 AM 21/42 mi, 5 LM-M, 3,160/6,115 ft
Billy Goat Rock Creek Lower,Rock Creek Upper

Eastern Sierra Escape - Rides co-led with Western Wheelers. Please register with them as a courtesy [here] Ride start for 1st 2 routes: Tom's Place 8180 Crowley Lake Dr. Crowley Lake, CA Short Ride starts at 9am [Map/Route] Long Ride alternate starts at 8:30am [Map/Route] Long Ride start at 8:30am in the desert at Boundary Rd & Lower Rock Crk Rd [Map/Route]

Melanie Clarke 408-466-1982

Please review the ACTC Covid-19 Ride Guidelines prior to riding.

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