Mon, 10 Jan 2022 Lick the Tins
9:30 AM 25 mi, 6 L-LM, 3300 ft
Billy Goat Hwy 9 North Lower,Hwy 9 North Upper,Sanborn,Peach Hill/Ojai

On this day in 1861, Florida became the 3rd state to secede from the Union and join the Civil War. Just curious: whose idea was it to let them back in? In any case, to celebrate, we'll take a journey to the Saratoga Gap, where highway 9 intersects Skyline. Start at Wildwood Park, on 4th street in Saratoga Village. Sanborn & Peach Hill optional. [Print Route/Map]

Ed Irvine 408-807-1494

Please review the ACTC Covid-19 Ride Guidelines prior to riding.

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