Wed, 22 Sep 2021 Our Favorite Kids are Baa'ack
9:30 AM 42 mi, 6 LM-M, 5,398 ft
Billy Goat China Grade,China Grade Upper,Hwy 236,Hwy 236 Upper,Sky Meadow/Lodge

Note the later start time as it takes longer to travel to the start location. This ride is going to be an exploration ride. Don't join this ride without an update for a start location from elist. Big Basin has been closed for summer travel because of the fires from last year but I'm hoping that we can travel this route on a bicycle at this time. We can definitely do Hwy 236 Upper but we may have to drive around to pick up the 2 China Grades and we will have to see if we can get to Sky Meadow. Ride start/finish: Parking area along Hwy 9 near Waterman Gap, Northern 236 & Hwy 9 intersection. (Hwy 9 & 236 intersect in the South also so don't confuse these 2) The reason for this adventure, is I'm hoping to cycle all the goats this year. This ride is for people with serious OCD (Obsessive Cycling Disorder) [Map/Route]

Melanie Clarke 408466-1982

Please review the ACTC Covid-19 Ride Guidelines prior to riding.

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