Wed, 16 Jun 2021 Mx MM200K
7:00 AM 125 mi, 5 M-MB, 12450 ft
Mountain Goat Golden Gate N.R. Area,Mt Tamalpais,Point Reyes Trails

Optional Early Bird (weekday) commute by Caltrain and Bay Trail to the Presidio start point. This technical trail tour offers ample Alpinist-level rough and steep narrow pitches rarely offered by ACTC. Optional return to home via Caltrain and urban pedaling. Bring all gear, road lights, reflection, first aid, food, Clipper Card (purchase in advance at Whole Foods) and up to 5% body weight in water, per conditions. Expect remote and rocky single track trails with limited cues and signage. Study route in close detail beforehand. Please, be extra-prepared. Suitable tire width >28mm. Draft:

Brian Chun 650-938-1288

Please review the ACTC Covid-19 Ride Guidelines prior to riding.

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