Sat, 15 Feb 2020 Our Favorite Kids
9:30 AM 34 mi, 5 M, 3100 ft
Billy Goat El Toyonal,Skyline/Grizzly Peak,Pinehurst

*** IMPROMPTU RIDE FOR STATS CREDIT *** A week ago, the east bay gifted us with a beautiful ride on a beautiful day. We'll hope for more today. We start with El slinky Toy snaking (frequently steeply) through a residential area. Then Skyline/GP offers spectacular bay area vistas. Finally, Pinehurst brings a green escape from the bay area frenzy. With prior confirmation, you can make several additions/deletions to the route. Ride any pace; you can count on me backing you up. To drive there from San Jose: take 680 North to Hw 24 West; at Orinda, exit right at exit 9 to go northerly on Camino Pablo; turn right on Camino Sobrante; turn right onto Orinda Way and park by the Safeway lot.

Jerome Woehl 408-230-0689

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