Sat, 10 Aug 2019 Mt. Tamalpais Camp Outbound/Century
8:00 AM 51/101.4 mi, 5 M
Mountain Goat Mt Tamalpais,Mt. Tamalpais Trails

*** IMPROMPTU RIDE FOR STATS CREDIT *** Whiskey Hill start at Pioneer Hotel, Canada, Skyline, San Andreas Lake, Ocean Beach, unpaved Land's End, Golden Gate, Mill Valley, unpaved Old Railroad Grade, West Point Inn, Summit, option Pan Toll Camp, option 8 pm Mountain Theater Astro-presentation by Dr. Penelope Boston hosted by the Mt. Tam Astrological Society and FoMT, option Sunday return. If not choosing options, return same day. Note: This tour has rough dirt roads and inspirational views. Please RSVP with your plan: Camp (2 days, bring funds and tent+ gear) or Century (one day). No SAG. Draft:

Brian Chun 650-938-1288

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