Tue, 17 Sep 2019 Eastern Sierra - Glacier Lodge
8:30 AM 22 mi, 5 M, 3820 ft
Billy Goat Glacier Lodge Rd,Death Valley Rd West

Carpool 14 miles from Bishop to Mendenhall Park in Big Pine, CA. From 395 South, turn right on Baker Creek Rd. The Park is on the immediate left. This 11-mile jaunt takes us up to the historic ruins of Glacier Lodge, 7800 ft. elevation. Be ready for long stretches of 10% grade. Water available at Lower Sage Campground, mile 10. Lunch is possible in little Big Pine. The Death Valley option adds a very scenic loop from Big Pine into the Inyo Mountains, 34 miles and 3700 ft. extra. Mister Muy intends to camp for 1 or 2 nights at Upper Sage campground near Glacier Lodge to do the rigorous 5-mile hike up South Big Pine Creek to the Clyde Glacier on Wednesday. Let Guy know if you’re ready to join the adventure. Others return to Bishop tonight.

Guy Neenan 408-797-6857

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