Fri, 20 Sep 2019 Eastern Sierra - Onion Valley
8:30 AM 28 mi, 6 M, 5270 ft
Billy Goat Onion Valley

Check-out of your lodge in Bishop. We will check-in to a lodge or camp in Lone Pine after the ride. The fancy Dow Hotel in Lone Pine may have vacancies. There is free camping in the Alabama Hills, nearby. The Mount Whitney Hostel always has dorm style bunks. Meet at Dehy Park in Independence, CA. Dehy Park, 345 N Edwards St. (Hwy 395) is at the north end of town, where the highway crosses Independence Creek. It is on the west side of the highway, on the south side of the Creek. The Complete Guide to Climbing calls this the hardest climb in California and compares it to Alp ‘d Huez. In just 13 miles, we’ll climb 5200 ft. to Onion Valley, elevation 9200 ft. Long stretches of 8 – 10% grade. Eat a good breakfast. No water or food available on this route. Gusty in the descent.

Guy Neenan 408-797-6857

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