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There are 4 Rides for Apr 24, 2024
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Wed, 24 Apr 2024
Our Favorite Kids Are Baa'ck
9:00 AM
51 mi, 5 LM-M, 5,497 ft
Billy Goat
Santa Rosa Ck,Old Creek
Start/Finish: Pullout along Hwy 46 near Santa Rosa Creek Road Start Location Please note that I'm getting an early start at 9:00 am as this will be a long day. This is a Free-Range ride, go fast or slow, add or subtract goats. We typically lead from behind. [Map/Route]
Melanie Clarke 408-466-1982
John Hughes
Wed, 24 Apr 2024
Paso Robles Getaway Sculpterra Day 3
9:30 AM
41 mi, 3 LM, 2169 ft
Grizzly Bear
Wine Tours
The fun continues on our Paso Robles Getaway as we tour the wine country southeast of town. Today we pack our picnic lunch and head to Sculpterra Winery and Sculpture Gardens, a unique fusion of earth, art, and wine featuring larger than life granite and bronze sculptures. Meet at the Adelaide Inn 1215 Ysabel St, Paso Robles, ready to roll promptly at 9:30. Ride will be led at an LM+ pace, please expect a social ride with regroups, we will break into faster or slower groups as needed, no one will be left behind. Wet pavement or AQI over 100 cancels with a notification from Rides Bulletins by 8:00 AM. Route here
Diane Sanchez-Costello 408-483-6701
Wed, 24 Apr 2024
Lick the Tins
9:30 AM
34 mi, 5 LM-M, 3600 ft
Billy Goat
Morrison Canyon,Mill Creek,Palomares
Ingratitude is amongst them a capital crime, for whoever makes ill-returns to his benefactor, must needs be a common enemy to the rest of mankind"-Jonathan Swift. That said, let's escape to the Hills Fremontian instead. Muster yourselves in lighter apparel to match Spring's colorful palette and meet at the park and ride lot on the southeast corner of the Hw 680/Mission Blvd interchange, before the Sunol Grade climb. [Ride Start] Then, let the devil take the hindmost! No rider left behind, regroup at each summit. [Print Route/Map]
Ed Irvine 408-807-1494
Wed, 24 Apr 2024
Hicks East Humbler-BLT
10:00 AM
32 mi, 5 L-LM
Billy Goat
Hicks East,Shannon/Kennedy
Meet at the Winfield Avenue entrance to Almaden Lake Park near the restrooms. We will ride South through the Almaden Valley then climb Hick's East and then Kennedy. We will stop for coffee/lunch in Los Gatos and return to start via Shannon Road. Ride co-leader is Leo Hartung (408-440-6224).
Tom Green 408-997-1939