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Billy Goats
Billy Goats are a group of major hills. Credit is given for each Billy Goat climbed during a club ride, and special recognition is given to those riders who are able to complete a certain number of different Billy Goats. Click the links for the Map to see the location or Times to see the King of the Mountain climb times.
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Bay Area Billy Goats (Total 67)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapTimesAddedSubmitter
Alpine WestAPW519507.6Pescadero Rd to Skyline Blvd Map 1989
Alum Rock CrothersARC58113.7From Alum Rock Park Entrance up the old entrance to Crothers to the summit and on to Mt Hamilton Rd Map 1/2018Bruce Simpson
Bear Gulch WestBGW512006.1Bear Gulch road from intersection of Hwy35 to gate at end of road and back to Hwy35. Bear Gulch west is between Skaggs pt and Skylonda. Map 02/2008Spencer Frink
BlackBLK517804.5Hwy 17 to Skyline Blvd, Gist Rd optional Map 1997
Bonny DoonBDP521007.6Hwy 1 to Empire Grade via Pine Flat or Ice Cream Grade Map 1989
Castle HillCSH55702.4Ride Castle Hill Dr, including upper loop, right on Scott, right on Glen Ayre to the top. Descend Glen Ayre or Castle Hill to Llagas. Either direction. Map 1/1/2016John Hughes
ChaboyaCHA55450.9Chaboya from Murillo to end of Chaboya Rd or Chaboya Ct Map 01/2008Michael McGeough
ColumbiaCOL58021.92Columbia Drive from Cull Canyon Rd to the summit loop on Bellhurst Lane. Map 03/2009Michael McGeough
CrestviewCRV56661.97Edgewood to Club Drive Map 03/2009Michael McGeough
Del Puerto CanyonDPE5245017.2Junction Cafe to County Park and back, from Patterson optional Map KOM 2004
El ToyonalETY512423.1From Camino Pablo/San Pablo Dam Road via El Toyonal, Vista Del Orinda, Los Piedras, and Lomas Contadas to Grizzly Peak at the Steam Trains parking lot. Map 01/2012Mark Pryor
Empire Grade LowerEGL56773.7UCSC main entrance traffic light to Smith Grade Map 1/1/2016Jon Kaplan
Eureka CanyonEKG519609.4Corralitos to Buzzard Lagoon Rd Map 1989
Fairfax-Bolinas EastFBE5190010Fairfax-Bolinas Road from Fairfax to Ridgecrest Blvd Map 10/2008Mark Pryor
Felton-EmpireFTE515303.8Felton: Hwy 9 to Empire Grade Map KOM 1989
FosterFOS55301.3Los Gatos: Main st and Alpine to Foster and then up Foster to Gate. Map 01/2012Jeffrey Balfus
Fremont PeakFMP5287010.6San Juan Grade to Fremont Peak State Park Map 1989
Hastings/ClubHSC57901.6From Alameda de las Pulgas at Carlmont Dr via Hastings Dr to Club Dr at Crestview Map 01/2012Michael Khaw
Henry CoeHRC524898.0From bridge at Anderson Lake to ranger station Map KOM 01/2008Franz Kelsch
Hicks EastHKE510505.3Almaden Rd @ McKean Rd to summit Map KOM 1989
Hicks TrioHKT511024.8Los Gatos: Shannon and Hicks rt on Anerich, Wagner and Pheasant. back to Hicks & Shannon Map 01/2012Jeffrey Balfus
Hicks WestHKW511205.5Shannon Rd to summit Map KOM 1989
Higgins/PurisimaHPN56903.3/4.2Half Moon Bay: Main St or Verde Rd @ Purisima to summit Map 1999
Hwy 9 North Upper9NU511203.0Starting from the Redwood Gulch Road intersection, climb to Skyline Road. Map 01/2011Mark Pryor
KincaidKNC5187512.4Mt.Hamilton Rd to gate & back Map 1999
Kings MountainKGM516705.0Woodside Rd to Skyline Blvd Map KOM 1989
Loch LomondLCL56202.7Lompico Rd from E. Zayante Rd, left on West Dr. then Sequoia Ave. then Loch Lomond to Entrance to Loch Lomond Reservoir Recreation Area Map 11/2009Bill Keckler
Lone TreeLNT5269010.7Hollister: Fairview Rd to end of road Map 1999
Los Trancos WoodsLTW512603.6Los Trancos Rd from Alpine Rd to top of Vista Verde Way Map 2002
Mantelli/Blue BellMBB55754.0Mantelli, Country Drive and Blue Bell between Santa Terresa and Burchell Road, both ways (round trip). Map KOM 03/2009Franz Kelsch
MelendyMEL56271.44Alameda de las Pulgas to Crestview Map 03/2009Michael McGeough
MetcalfMET510332.2Monterey Hwy to Motorcycle Park Map KOM 1989
MontebelloMNB520305.3Stevens Canyon Rd to gate Map KOM 1989
MontevinaMNV517003.5Hwy 17 to gate, can cont. to Bohlman on dirt Map 1999
MoraMOR56001.6Los Altos Hills: Loyola Dr to gate Map 1999
Morgan TerritoryMTN517556.3Concord: Marsh Creek Rd or Livermore: Manning Rd to summit Map 1999
Morrison CanyonMOC59712.6Start at Mission Blvd(238)right on Morrisson canyon Rd climb past Vargas Rd untill the summit. Map 02/2008Joe Farinha
Mt Bache/Loma PrietaMTB512003.3Highland Way to summit on ridgeline Map 1996
Mt Diablo North GateMDN520687.85North Gate from Oak St to South Gate Intersection Map 02/2008David Hoag
Mt Diablo South GateMDS518256.82South Gate from Blackhawk Road to North Gate Intersection Map KOM 02/2008David Hoag
Mt Diablo SummitMDT520334.4Start at intersection of South Gate and North Gate to Summit to Mt Diablo Map KOM 02/2008David Hoag
Mt Hamilton/BackMHB520105.5Isabel Creek Bridge to Lick Observatory Map KOM 1989
Mt Hamilton/LowerMHL517509.4Alum Rock Ave to Grant Ranch County Park Map KOM 1996
Mt Hamilton/UpperMHU5281010.7Grant Ranch Co. Park to Lick Observatory Map KOM 1996
Mt Madonna WestMME515904.2From Hazel Dell to summit Map 1989
Mt Madonna/Redwood RetreatMMR57874.4Redwood Retreat Rd from Watsonville Road, Left on Mt Madonna Road to end of pavement Map 01/2012Nick Shain
Mt TamalpaisMTL5270010.9/7.9Mill Valley or Stinson Beach to summit, either direction Map 1999
Mt UmunhumMUM521005.4From the junction of Hicks road to the summit Map 1999
Mtn CharlieMTC512005.4Glenwood Dr to Summit Rd Map 1989
Old CalaverasOCV56042.1Start at Evans Road climb untill you reach Downing Rd. Turn left and go to Sandy Wool Lake. Map 02/2008Joe Farinha
Old La Honda EastOLE514753.9Portola Rd to Skyline Blvd Map KOM 1989
Page Mill UpperPMU514835.8Page Mill from Moody to Skyline Blvd Map KOM 07/2009Franz Kelsch
Portola State ParkPTP511903.5Portola State Park to Alpine Rd Map 1996
Quien SabeQNS520708.4Hwy 25 @ Tres Pinos to gate Map 1999
Quimby EastQBE55451.2Mt.Hamilton Rd to summit Map 1999
Regnart RoadRGN55501.6Regnart Road, Cupertino, from Bubb Road to end of road. Map 01/2012Mark Pryor
ReynoldsREY56611.2Start at the base of Hicks and Reynolds. Ends at the Park Map 01/2008Deborah Lefferts
Robinson CanyonRBC514005Carmel Valley Rd to summit Map 1999
San Bruno MountainSBM511203.9Brisbane: Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy from Bayshore Blvd, to end of Radio Rd (San Bruno Mtn. State Park). Map 04/2008Pat Parseghian
Sarahills/Old OakSOO55741.9Two adjacent hills off Pierce Road in Saratoga. One leg is a ride up Old Oak Way, from Pierce to the gate across the road. Descend to Pierce, turn right and cross the small bridge, then climb Sarahills to the summit. Map 1/2014Nick Shain
SierraSRR518303.7Piedmont Rd to summit Map KOM 1989
Soda SpringsSDS524005.6Alma Bridge Rd to gate Map 1999
SuncrestSCT56101.3Piedmont Rd to summit Map 2004
Sweeney RidgeSNS59153Sneath Lane from Skyline Blvd. to the abandoned military station on top of Sweeny Ridge. Sweeny Ridge has a gate that needs to be walked through. Then the road is closed to cars but remains paved to the top which is about another 1.75 miles. Map 01/2011Vince Cummings
Tartan TrailTTR56001.10Tartan Trail Road from Crystal Springs Road to Black Mountain Road Map 03/2009Brian Chun
Tunitas CreekTNC519506Lobitos Creek Cutoff to Skyline Map 1989
ZayanteZYN5171011.5Graham Hill Rd to Summit Rd, Quail Hollow Rd optional Map 1989
Out of Area Billy Goats (Total 33)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapTimesAddedSubmitter
Calaveras Big TreesCBT5150011.2Starting at parking area within Calaveras Big Trees St Park, ride Big Trees Parkway to the Stanislaus bridge and climb to end of the road (beyond South Grove). Return via same route. Map 1/2018Bruce Simpson
Carson PassCAP516738.8Tahoe Area: from Hwy 88/89 junction to Carson Pass Summit Map 03/2008Michael McGeough
CavedaleCVD519455.2From CA-12 to summit Map 01/2017Christine Nguyen
Coleman Valley WestCVW5159110.2Russian River area, Coleman Valley from HWY 1 to Occidental Map 08/2008Michael McGeough
Death Valley Rd WestES85372213.8Start at junction of Death Valley Rd and CA 168, 2.2 miles east of 395 at Big Pine. End at an unmarked but obvious summit. Map Howard Morris
Ebbetts Pass EastEPE5283510.75Tahoe Area: Wolf Creek Road to Summit Map 03/2008Michael McGeough
Ebbetts Pass WestEPW519005.03Tahoe Area: Hermit Valley Campground to Summit Map 03/2008Michael McGeough
Echo LakeECL512073.6Lake Tahoe area. From Old Meyers Grade Road and S. Upper Truckee Road. Cross Highway 50 and continue on Echo Lakes Road to the lodge by the lake. Map 01/2011K.L. Seh
Geysers EastGYE528449.6Russian River area, Geysers Rd heading west from Red Winery to Summit Map 03/2009Russell Stevens
Glacier Lodge RdES35374711.7Start: From 395 in Big Pine, drive 6/10 mile on west on Crocker St. Climb begins on Crocker St and ends at end of the road. Map Howard Morris
Hauser BridgeHAU512007.0Hauser Bridge Rd and Sea View Rd, from Kings Ridge Rd to Timber Cove Rd, either direction. Russian River area. Map 1/1/2016Don Axtell
Joy RdJOY510904.7Russian River area, from Bodega Rd to Coleman Valley Rd Map 07/2009Don Axtell
Kings RidgeKRR5263016.3Russian River area, from Cazadero Rd to Tin Barn Rd Map 07/2009Don Axtell
Los AlamosLAR516114.0Santa Rosa: Los Almos Road from Sonoma Highway 12 to the summit. Hood Mountain Regional Park is about 5.5 miles away from the start location. Map 03/2009Rick Collins
Monitor Pass EastMPE532378.06Tahoe Area: Hwy 395 to Summit Map 03/2008Michael McGeough
Monitor Pass WestMPW533008.04Tahoe Area: Hwy 4 to Summit Map 03/2008Michael McGeough
Nacimiento-FergusonNAF526007.0Big Sur Area: from HWY 1 to trail crossings at the summit. From Mission San Antonio optional. Map 08/2008Deborah Hoag
New IdriaNID510324.2From first crossing of (dry) San Carlos Creek to the abandoned mining town Map 01/2017Lou Galbiati
NV: Geiger GradeNV4522809.2NV: Geyser Grade from Hwy 395 to Geiger Pass Summit Map 11/2009Don Axtell
NV: Kingsbury Grade EastKBE530228.0NV: From Foothill Rd to the summit Map 04/2008
NV: Mt Rose Hwy EastNV25432516.3NV: Hwy 395 to Summit Map 11/2009Don Axtell
NV: Virginia City SouthNV3517257.3NV: Hwy 341, from Hwy 50 to Virginia City, Hwy 342 optional Map 11/2009Don Axtell
Old CreekOCR515709.1GWBR area, Old Creek Road from Hwy 1 near Morro Bay to Hwy 46. Map 03/2009Franz Kelsch
Pacific GradePGS510042.58Start at Hermit Valley Campground on CA 4, 5 miles west of Ebbetts Pass. End at Pacific Grade Summit sign at Mosquito Lakes Map Howard Morris
Rock Creek LowerESA525729.4Start: Lower Rock Creek Rd at the Inyo County Line (Boundary Rd on left). Bike up Lower Rock Crk Rd to junction with 395 Map 1/2014Don Axtell
Rock Creek UpperES25320110.6Start at Toms Place on Hwy 395 north of Bishop. Ride ends at Mosquito Flat trail head. Map Howard Morris
Santa Rosa CkSRC5171016.0GWBR area, from Cambria to Hwy 46 Map 07/2009Don Axtell
South Lake LowerES55331711.7Start on CA 168 (Line Rd)at intersection of Red Hill Rd (3.2 miles west of 395 in Bishop). End at intersection of South Lake Rd and CA 168. Map Howard Morris
South Lake UpperES6519327Start at junction of S. Lake Rd and CA 168, 15 miles west of 395 in Bishop. Ends at a small parking area just above South Lake at the end of the road. Map Howard Morris
Sweetwater Springs EastSSE5159910.2Russian River area, Westside Road to Armstrong Woods Road Map 08/2008Michael McGeough
Sweetwater Springs WestSSW5162610.2Russian River area, Armstrong Woods Road to Westside Road Map 08/2008Michael McGeough
Tioga Pass EastTPE5290012Eastern Sierra: Hwy 395 to Yosemite entrance Map 01/2011Gregg Shores
Westgard PassESB5344813.8Bishop area: bike east from Big Pine on CA 168 to the summit, just after the junction with White Mountain Rd. Map 1/2014Don Axtell

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