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Ride Sweep Summary for 2018

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# Rider Name Rides
1Jean Gemmill 9
2Harry Lichtbach 8
3Shawn Routhier 5
4Sherman Lee 4
5Anthony Flores 3
6Gilbert Hernandez 2
7Eiichiro Mikami 2
8Rick Gilbert 2
9Tony Le 1
10Greg Fong 1
11Susan Francks 1
12Jamey Slaton 1
13Barton Smith 1
14Bill Jones 1
15Vinny Huynh 1
16Joseph Pereira 1
17Joan Freed 1
18Jim Bialson 1
19Nancy Moritz 1
20Lynn Repetsky 1
21Dennis King 1
22Bill Keckler 1
23Member Rider 1
24Member Rider 1
25James Harrison 1
26Hien Lam 1
27Maureen O'Sullivan 1
28Diane Kreiter 1
28 Totals 55

Ride Sweep Criteria

  • Ride Sweep will assist the Ride Leader (and Co-Leader) with watching over the riders along the route, for the purposes of preventing riders from getting lost or accidently being left behind.
  • Ride Sweep is a club member appointed by the Ride Leader. No advance preparation is necessary.
  • Neither the Ride Leader nor the Co-Leader can get Ride Sweep credit, as this is an additional position.
  • Leader and Co-Leader credits are not affected, as they will still share the number of riders and rider-miles.
  • Ride Sweep credit is one credit per ride, and only one person can receive credit for a ride.
  • Ride Sweep credit is the same for any type of ride: Grizzly Bear, Billy Goat, or Mountain Goat.
  • Ride Sweep credits will be added to the Ride Leader credits when qualifying for the annual Ride Leader incentive prizes chosen by the Ride Coordinator. (ie. #sweep + #led + #coled = Total Leader credits)
  • Last updated 4/4/2011

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