by Donny Axtell

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Q: How can I find out how long the ride will take?
A: This is easy. Here's how :

  • Using this calculator, enter the distance, and climbing.
  • Select your Pace, to the nearest third of a Pace level.
  • Select your Riding Factor. 0.70 means that you are riding 70% of the time.
  • This calculator accounts for the hillyness of a ride, by decreasing the average speed as the hilly-ratio increases.

Q: How can I find out my Pace?
A: Use the Ride Pace Calculator.

Ride Time Calculator for an iPhone.

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User Text Input
Distance (miles)
Climbing (feet)
Riding Factor
Prediction Output
This is a Flat ride
Hilly Ratio (feet/mile)
Average Speed (mph)
Riding Time (h:mm)
Total Time (h:mm)
Last updated 19 Feb, 2013.