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Missing Rides for 2018

Date            Title                   Ride Leader        
01/14/18  Gilroy Hot Springs            Michael Friessnig       
02/21/18  New Ride                      Allen Herman            
02/25/18  4 Corners                     Berry West              
04/29/18  Running Shop and hops loop    Michael Friessnig       
06/12/18  No Kidding                    Steve Sloan             
08/09/18  Bike with Al                  Allen Herman            
08/14/18  No Kidding                    Steve Sloan             
08/18/18  Academy BDI-2                 Paul Schutz             
09/03/18  South Bay Loop                Michael Friessnig       
11/28/18  Cardinal Roll                 Berry West              
12/21/18  The Invincible Sun            Berry West              
Total of 11 rides missing.

Contact the ride leader about the ride in question.