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Missing Rides for 2017

Date            Title                   Ride Leader        
01/01/17  New Years Potluck             Jared Smolens           
01/14/17  Roadster                      James Rustermier        
01/25/17  Roadster                      James Rustermier        
01/28/17  LDTR/UDT                      Jon Kaplan              
01/29/17  Roadster                      James Rustermier        
02/01/17  Roadster                      James Rustermier        
02/04/17  To the Beach                  Craig Jeong             
02/28/17  Roadster                      James Rustermier        
03/17/17  Roadster                      James Rustermier        
03/19/17  Impromptu ride for credit---  Richard Holtermann      
03/22/17  Saratoga Backroads (BLT)      Bob Head                
03/24/17  TGIF                          Bill Gallagher          
03/25/17  Big Sur 222.0M                Brian Chun              
03/28/17  Metcalf Mauler                Don Axtell              
03/31/17  Gilroy 95.5M                  Brian Chun              
04/01/17  Spare the Air Day             Jenn Rodriguez          
04/05/17  ACTC General Meeting          Ahmed Masood            
04/07/17  TGIF Reservoirs - BLT         Leo Hartung             
04/08/17  SLO Raid Day 1                Brian Chun              
04/09/17  SLO Raid Day 2                Brian Chun              
04/11/17  South County old goats        William Bartlow         
04/18/17  South County Old Goats        William Bartlow         
04/26/17  Roadster                      James Rustermier        
04/27/17  Thursday Trek-Extra Hilly Ed  Stephanie Metz          
04/28/17  TGIF                          Bill Gallagher          
04/28/17  Roadster                      James Rustermier        
04/28/17  Coe Backcountry Weekend       Barry Chaffin           
04/28/17  TGIF                          Bob Head                
04/29/17  Mt Diablo, South and North    Don Axtell              
04/29/17  Coe Backcountry Weekend       Barry Chaffin           
04/29/17  Pleasanton to The Junction B  Dzung Dang              
Total of 31 rides missing.

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