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Detailed Stats for Mona Schorow for 2018

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
08/11/18  Ice Cream Social Hill Hoppin  4LM    45           3            MOR,MDR,ALT
08/25/18  M&M Rollers Meet N Ride!      6LM    34           2            MNB,MEN
09/05/18  Eastern Sierras - Pine Creek  4LM    48           1            ES1
09/06/18  Eastern Sierras - Rock Creek  5LM    42           2            ESA,ES2
09/08/18  Eastern S. - South Lake & La  5LM    51           3            ES5,ES6,ES7
09/11/18  Eastern Siera - Bristlecone   6LM    48           2            ESB,ES4
10/26/18  Saratoga Goats in Fall        6LM    28           4            RWG,STC,MEN,SNB
12/15/18  M&M Rollers                   6LM    50           3            SKE,HKW,MUM
Totals:           8                           346     0    20        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

BillyGoats: 19 different, 20 total,  32153 feet of climbing
 2-MEN Mt Eden/Pierce           1-ALT Altamont                 1-ES4 Bristlecone Pine Forest 
 1-HKW Hicks West               1-ES7 Lake Sabrina             1-MNB Montebello              
 1-MDR Moody                    1-MOR Mora                     1-MUM Mt Umunhum              
 1-ES1 Pine Creek               1-RWG Redwood Gulch            1-ES2 Rock Creek Upper        
 1-SNB Sanborn                  1-SKE Shannon/Kennedy          1-ES5 South Lake Lower        
 1-ES6 South Lake Upper         1-STC Stevens Canyon           1-ESA Rock Creek Lower        
 1-ESB Westgard Pass           

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