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Detailed Stats for Scott Johnson for 2017

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
02/12/17  Uvas Loop                     4M     45           2            LWS,BRN
02/25/17  Hollister Goats               5M     45           2            QNS,SAA
03/04/17  Lunch in Gilroy, with Redwoo  5M     60           2            BBF,MMR
03/11/17  Pescadero Loop                5M     52           4            OLE,PCE,STG,TNC
03/18/17  Hollister Goats               5M     56           2            LNT,QNS
03/25/17  Lunch in Morgan Hill          5M     53           2            TMG,HRC
04/09/17  South Bay Loop                4M     52           1            BRN
04/15/17  Lunch in Aromas               5M     53           4            FMP,SJN,CRZ,CAE
05/27/17  Hicks East and West, and Mor  6M     40           3            HKE,SKE,HKW
06/03/17  Northern Goats Sweeney Ridge  5M     50           5            EDW,CRV,TTR,SNS,POL
07/08/17  Quimby, Mt. Hamilton HOT      6M     41           2            QBW,MHU
07/15/17  Just Enough on a Hot Day      5M     39           2            OLE,TNC
08/05/17  Charley Horse Ride            5LM    37           2            OSS,MTC
Totals:          13                           623     0    33        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

BillyGoats: 29 different, 33 total,  40974 feet of climbing
 2-BRN Bernal                   2-OLE Old La Honda East        2-QNS Quien Sabe              
 2-TNC Tunitas Creek            1-BBF Bailey/Buffalo Hill      1-CAE Carr/Anzar              
 1-CRV Crestview                1-EDW Edgewood                 1-FMP Fremont Peak            
 1-HRC Henry Coe                1-HKE Hicks East               1-HKW Hicks West              
 1-LWS Llagas/Willow Springs    1-LNT Lone Tree                1-MHU Mt Hamilton/Upper       
 1-MMR Mt Madonna/Redwood Retre 1-MTC Mtn Charlie              1-OSS Old Santa Cruz Hwy      
 1-PCE Pescadero                1-POL Polhemus Loop            1-QBW Quimby West             
 1-SJN San Juan Grade           1-SAA Santa Anita              1-SKE Shannon/Kennedy         
 1-SNS Sweeney Ridge            1-STG Stage                    1-TTR Tartan Trail            
 1-TMG Thomas Grade             1-CRZ Crazy Horse             

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