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Detailed Stats for Richard Robinson for 2017

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
01/01/17  Kennedy Shannon               3LM    30           1            SKE
07/04/17  Climb a Few Hills             5M     46           4            MNB,STC,RWG,SNB
08/12/17  Our Favorite Kids             6M     32           4            PKR,RGN,SOO,MEN
08/18/17  Russian River Rally           3M     72     Y     0            Russian River Rally
08/19/17  Russian River Rally           3M     55           1            SSW
08/20/17  Russian River Rally           3M     80     Y     0            Russian River Rally
Totals:           6                           315     2    10        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

Grizzly bears: 1 different, 2 total
 2-Russian River Rally     

BillyGoats: 10 different, 10 total,  8459 feet of climbing
 1-MNB Montebello               1-MEN Mt Eden/Pierce           1-RWG Redwood Gulch           
 1-RGN Regnart Road             1-SNB Sanborn                  1-SKE Shannon/Kennedy         
 1-STC Stevens Canyon           1-SSW Sweetwater Springs West  1-SOO Sarahills/Old Oak       
 1-PKR Parker Ranch            

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