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Canceled Rides for 2018

Date            Title                   Ride Leader        
01/05/18  Friday Adventure              Bob Head                
01/05/18  Los Altos Exploration         Terry Kreiter           
01/05/18  Roadster                      James Rustermier        
01/08/18  East San Jose                 Gilbert Hernandez       
01/08/18  Malaguerra Morning Warmup     John Hughes             
01/09/18  Metcalf Mauler                Don Axtell              
01/09/18  No Kidding                    Stephanie Metz          
01/09/18  South County Old Goats        Susie Shields           
01/09/18  Western Exploration           Terry Kreiter           
01/09/18  Our Favorite Kids             Jerome Woehl            
01/09/18  Bohlman Road                  Lou Galbiati            
Total of 11 rides canceled.

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