Mon, 1 Apr 2019 Lick the Tins
9:30 AM 43-46 mi, 6 M-MB, 5600-6500 ft
Billy Goat Alba,Empire Grade Middle,Empire Grade Lower,Empire Grade Upper,Felton-Empire

*** IMPROMPTU RIDE FOR STATS CREDIT *** Today we'll make a gallant attempt to rescue the Empires. 2 starting options: 9:30 at the Safeway parking lot in Felton at 9:30, where we'll hurdle the Felton Empire Road. Or, drive to the top and park across from the Cal Fire station by 10AM, where we'll climb Upper EG, descend for the daunting yet demure Alba climb, then a long drop to Kelly's Bakery en Francais pour le déjeuner à la Santa Cruz. Return up Lower EG with appetites sated and energies requenched. No runny dollop this but thick rich bonnyclaber, mates! Hear angels trumpets and devils trombones - You are invited! Contact the lonely goatherd for carpool options.

Ed Irvine 408-807-1494

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