Sun, 11 Nov 2018 Panoche Veterans Day Parade 2018!
8:30 AM 50-107 mi, 4 LM, 2500-5000 ft
Billy Goat Panoche East,Panoche West

Panoche Veterans Day Parade 2018! Uniform of the Day is Red, White and Blue. This is the club's semi-annual trek through cattle country out to Panoche Inn. Riders have the option of going all the way to New Idria (107 mi total), a shorter ride out to Mercy Hot Springs from the Inn or just out and back on Panoche Rd. Good sandwiches are available at the Inn. All paces welcome. Meet in Paicines (11 miles south of Hollister) corner of Highway 25 and Panoche Rd(J1).

John Blaine 408-356-1592

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