Tue, 17 Apr 2018 Our Favorite Kids
9:30 AM 48 mi, 5 M, 3700 ft
Billy Goat Norris Canyon,Columbia,Pinehurst/Redwood,Redwood

*** IMPROMPTU RIDE FOR STATS CREDIT *** A cool day is a fine day to do a sunny ride. A couple changes in the usual ride: first, the Norris Canyon goat now stops at the summit - no need to continue to the urban mess at Bollenger Road, second; Redwood Road is finally repaired - no sketchy by-pass nor rough road. On the drive to/from the start/finish northerly of Castro Valley, will have commuter traffic to deal with but there will be no week-end crazies carving our goats. Drive there via 680 north; exit to 580 West; exit at Castro Vly, Redwood Road; turn right onto Redwood and go north two miles to the Redwood Canyon Golf Course. Park at the north end, by the fence. Contact the ride leader for carpooling and ride options.

Jerome Woehl 408-230-0689

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