Thu, 17 Aug 2017 Our Favorite Kids
9:30 AM 21-44 mi, 5 M, 2800-6700 ft
Billy Goat Mt Hamilton/Upper,Mt Hamilton/Back,Kincaid

*** IMPROMPTU RIDE FOR STATS CREDIT *** Summer in the east bay hills can be hot and dry so I save Mt Hamilton for the Spring and Fall. But it's supposed to be a little cooler, so I'll try a shorter test ride - only Mt H upper and Kincaid. You can do even less, but if you have the energy and heat tolerance, don't drive to the start by Grant Ranch, start your ride in the valley and add either Quimby West or Lower Mt Hamilton. Sign in at our main start at 9:30 in the parking lot on the north side of Mt Hamilton Road, about a quarter mile past the Grant Ranch main entrance.

Jerome Woehl 408-230-0689

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