Thu, 6,13,20,27 Apr 2017 Whine and Dine Evening Ride
6:00 PM 12-25 mi, 4 LM
Billy Goat Various

The plan is for two options, both will be social. Mellow option will do some easy sixes, and may try some harder fives at an LM pace. QS option may do very challenging hills at a quicker M to MB pace. Route sheets provided on-line, on the blog, and a few on the ride. Meet near Una Mas, 15724 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos, CA (Los Gatos Blvd and Los Gatos Almaden Road). Rain or intense heat cancels. Burritos after. We roll around then. Hopefully another cyclist will lead the Quick Spinners option. Blog:

Steve Sloan 408-605-0692
Amy Marsh 408-799-5445

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