Sat, 25 Feb 2017 Our Favorite Kids
10:00 AM 19-35 mi, 4 M, 1700 - 3700 ft
Billy Goat 3 Bears Loop,Wildcat Canyon,Grizzly Peak

*** IMPROMPTU RIDE FOR STATS CREDIT *** The 3 Bears loop is probably still washed out at the half way point, so we'll ride the harder half out to check it out. If uncrossable, we'll u-turn and return and count that as that goat. I may do it from both sides just to double check, and skip the other goats. Your choices are: an easy 18 miler; the listed 35 miler; 60 miles; or any/ALL the east bay hills for up to 120 miles. Contact the ride leader for more information, ride options and carpools. To drive there from San Jose, take 680 North to Hw 24 West. At Orinda, exit right on the Camino Pablo off ramp, go northerly on Camino Pablo to Bear Creek Rd. Turn right and park in the dirt area across the road or turn right again, into the sports complex parking lot.

Jerome Woehl 408-230-0689

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